11 Things To Know About Cats

Kitties usually have numerous characteristics that we all might know and love because they are cute, cuddly, and never judgemental. So yes, they have similar characteristics to your girlfriend or boyfriend. But you are unaware of some of the things, and you may get surprised by knowing them. So, we are going to discuss some weird, funny, and concern-related stuff regarding cats. 

Cats are mysterious creatures who have grabbed the attention of thousands of people for many years. From their unusually walking style to the size the largest cat is, there are some fascinating facts that you might not have heard about.

You may be loving your cat, but you are still not aware of how cool she/he is and her overall species. For instance, do you know about a cat’s extra organ to taste scent? 

Or do you know that they start ‘meowing’ when they want to say or talk with humans?

There is more about your little friend to help you know how awesome those feline friends are.

Cats Sleep A Lot

Yes, this is 100% true. Felines sleep a lot as their body releases the growth hormone when they sleep. The reason behind it is that they are natural hunters and save their energy to use when it is dark outside. 

And the fact is cats sleep too much that they have been awake only for three years of their lives when they are nine years. Cats spend around 70% of their lives sleeping, approximately 13 to 16 hours a day. This is the life of a cat. 

Sweat Is Released From Paws Of Cats, And They Meow For Communication.

Their little paws that you love so much are the place where they sweat from. And the exciting thing is that cats developed their sound ‘meow’ for creating communication with humans. So the more you talk, the more he/she will speak, and with their meow meow, they are mostly telling you to feed them. 

Cat Has The Power To Heal Ownself And Unique Patter Above The Nose

Yes, the pattern which is above their nose is unique, just like our human fingerprint. Also, they have the power to heal themselves by purring. A domestic cat’s purr has a frequency range of between 25 and 150 hertz, similar to the frequency at which bones and muscles grow at their best, repairing themselves.

Polydactyl cats got it as a genetic mutation. And these cats are known as ‘Hemmingway cats’ as writer Ernest Hemingway reported at his home and owned dozens of them in Florida.

The Mayor Of The Alaskan Town Was A Cat For Around 20 Years Long

One orange Tabby cat named Stubbs was the mayor once in Talkeetna, a small Alaska cat that ruled for 20 years. He also had many uncontested elections, and thus he did not have any legislative power. He was liked and loved by locals as well as tourists.

The Longest Size Of A Cat Is 48.5 inches

Domestic cats usually are seen as small and dainty animals, but the record was broken when the longest cat in the world was found of around 48.5 inches. He was a Maine coon named Stewie. Also, the tallest cat record was made when the Arcturus cat of about 19.05 inches tall was found. So those are some of the big cats.

Cats Usually Walk Like Giraffes And Camels.

Have you seen that cats walk like giraffes or camels? Their walking style is both right feet first, and then both left feet followed, which means they move half of their body forward at a time. Camels and giraffes walk the same way, and they are the only other animals who walk this way.

Cats Bring Gifts For You

Sounds strange, right? Behaviorists have got some theories on the persistence of cats in their pursuit, leaving you their kills. However, this habit may be perceived as a gross one, and your kitten now accepts you as a group member and so is sharing with you their hunting success. Or perhaps he is thanking you for taking care of him, and this is where you need to pay attention when he brings you birds, rodents, or insects. 

Cats Massage You

When your feline presses their paws into you and start massaging back and forth, they enjoy as well as they might be having this cat behavior. By pressing his/her mother’s mammary glands, it is used to encourage better milk production. Whenever your cat does this type of behavior, either he is content or showing you their happiness, or maybe it is trying to release stress, and this habit calms it down. You can take this as a compliment that reminds him/her of their mother.

They Fit Themselves Even In Tight Spaces.

The ability of cats is that they fit themselves comfortably into tight spaces. There are several comfy places where they could rest. For instance, you purchase a bed for them, then why do they select to curl up in small baskets, boxes, bathroom sinks, and so on?

Your cat feels secure and safe in small spaces. Hiding in such small spaces is their logic behind it because this way, they can also observe and watch out for their surroundings from a far distance. If they were in the open wild places, they would not wish to stay unprotected in that open area, making them food to predators

Cats Will Never Leave You Using Other Gadgets

Yes, are you using that? Books, clothes, laptops, mobiles, or magazines you have laid out name it out – your cat always will love to lay on it when you are using it. Your cat knows if he lays himself down on whatever you are attending to, then the chances are that he will also get some attention from you. He leaves his scent on your properties as the method to claim his kingdom on you.

Cats Chatters

Every heard cat chattering when watching the flying birds around the garden or yard? That sound comes from the cats because of seeing their prey combined with their frustration of not getting them. Cats sometimes make more weird noises such as hacking, yowling, and chirping.

So, these were some of the exciting and unique facts about cats that you might not have heard probably.

But still, there are few questions which would keep you shocked. So, let us explore together; what say?

Question And Answers

Are Cats Stronger Than Dogs Pound For Pound?

Always dogs win as we see cats scared of them, right? But the thing you might not know about is that cats can harm them for reasons like their teeth, paws, and claws apart from their strength. So yes, when about a pound for pound, cats are more potent because each excess pound on a cat is around 15 pounds on an adult woman and 17 pounds on an adult male.

Are Ragdoll Cats Nocturnal?

No, ragdoll cats are not nocturnal because they even sleep at night and during the day, and they reach their active mode at dusk. When they sprint, they love to run around the house, and at dawn, they choose to get out their toys and run.

Why Cats Hate Sneezing?

You might be unaware that your cat responds to your sneeze because it is a very sudden and loud sound that may startle them in some reactions. The cats’ ears are sensitive to sound, so a loud noise such as sneeze startles them along with the fact that this sound happens suddenly. You know that sneeze will occur in some seconds, but your cat does not, right? So they hate it.

Why Do Cats Like Q Tips?

Cats love Q tips as they are chewable, and it is the thing they can play with. Most cats like to use Q tips as their toy, though it can be harmful to cats if they eat it up. 

Why Does My Cat Drink Paint Water?

Cat maybe liking the smell of it. Probably it might be its smell. Because some cats have the habit of chewing weird things such as socks, plastic bags, rubber bands, wool blankets, etc., this behavior can also signify their illness, anxiety, or boredom. Sometimes, this habit may result in danger as it can cause intestinal blockages, choking, or other issues. Therefore, it is recommended to visit a veterinarian once.

Why Does My Cat Never Knead?

Firstly, not every cat kneads, and also, if they do so, they do not do it in the same way. Most cats only use their front paws, some use all four, and some bring their claws out, and others do not. Cat kneading might hurt you, but your feline has no bad intentions behind it.

Why Do Cats Knead Pregnant Bellies?

Many cats have pregnant ladies as their owners love laying on their tummies and sometimes even knead them. So yes, cats have a sense of smell and scent. Pregnant women go through hormonal changes, producing more estrogen, progesterone, HCG hormones. These changes impact her scent, and this does not escape the cat’s extraordinary sense of smell. Cats get drawn to pregnant ladies, showering them an excess of affection and snuggles.

Why Does My Cat Knead And Lick My Neck?

Your cat is showing his/her love to you because they are known as big groomers. They may lick you while kneading their paws. They may also nuzzle closely to your skin and purr. This behavior shows that your cat feels secure, safe, and comfortable with you.

Why Do Cats Stand On Hind Legs?

Some cats stand on their hind legs when they feel unprotected, unsecured, or threatened by a predator to make themselves display as large as they can. Thus, it is a type of survival valuable tactic by your feline to say goodbye to predators.

Why Cats Wiggle Before Pouncing?

When a cat wants to jump on anything, they start wiggling their hind legs back and forth to check their balancing ability. Therefore, it helps them check if they will make the jump that specific distance safely and soundly.

Why Cats Yowl At Each Other?

Cats meow to let their mother know they are hungry or cold, but cats no longer meow to other cats once they grow. But they yowl – which is similar to meow. Cats yowl when they are afraid or angry, so they scream during their fights with other cats.

Why don’t cats like their paws touched?

Because their paws are susceptible, cats can feel texture changes, pressure changes, and vibration changes through their paws. This indicates that their paws are sensitive to pain, pressure, and temperature. So, they do not like their paws touched.

Are Cats Ticklish Anywhere?

The common ticklish spots on a cat are its belly and cheeks. Just like humans, your cat may also not like to be touched on any of these spots. Cats are mostly tickled on their cheeks, but some cats hate you touching on their stomach or chin.