20 Animals That Start with a B (With Pictures)

20 Animals That Start with a B

Many animals have names that start with B. The animals are spread across the globe. Here we are going to explore a
list of animals that start with the letter B. the animals have different characteristics that make them stand out.
Those who love wildlife would like to learn more about the animals.

They come with different features that make them stand out. The animal kingdom has several surprises.

Here is a list of 20 animals that start with a B (with pictures):

1. Bonobo

bonobo, primates, apes-4917396.jpg

It is a great ape that has been put on the list of the most endangered. The ape is among the two species of the genus
Pan. It belongs to the same genus as the chimpanzee. The ape shares up to 97% of its DNA with human beings. Several
characteristics make it look like human being. Several efforts have been put to preserve it. It faces several
challenges that make it appear among the most endangered list.

2. Bison

bison, buffalo, beef-60592.jpg

They are large mammals found in North America. The bison were roaming freely before the settlers moved into north
America. There are several extinct species of bison that have been recorded. The two main surviving species are the
B. bison and the American bison. The bison faces dangers such as excessive hunting which has made it face the danger
of becoming extinct. Bison was widely hunted for food in the indigenous tribes in North America.

3. Babirusa

deer pig, babirusa, baby-6512121.jpg

It is also referred to as the deer pig. Babirusa belongs to the swine family originating from the Indonesian islands.
The pig is available in areas such as the Sulawesi, Buru, Sula, and Togian. The different pig deerswere considered
to be in the same species till 2002 when they were categorized into different species. Babirusas is known to stand
on its back hooves to reach out for leaves and branches to feed on.

4. Baboon

baboon, animal, wildlife-6969935.jpg

They are the largest monkeys in the world. They can reach up to 82 pounds. Their bodies can grow up to 40 inches
long. Baboons have long tails that can vary in length. They are found in the savanna and semi-arid places. Some
baboons prefer tropical forests. A baboon can travel more than four miles searching for food daily. They feed on
fruits and leaves.

5. Bactrian Camel

bactrian camel, camel, mongolian camel-7295116.jpg

The Mongolian camel has two distinctive humps. In the domestic setup, it is referred to as the Bactrian camel. It is
a large, even-toed camel native to the steppes of central Asia. There are more than two million in the
domestic setup. It has a long history of serving the Mongolians in harsh climatic regions.

6. Badger

badger, animal, badgers-44202.jpg

The short-legged omnivorous belong to the family of Mustelidae. They have squat bodies that can adapt to different
activities. Badgers run at a speed of up to 30km/hr. When escaping from danger or hunting. They are
known to feed on honey and hunt rodents. Badgers are among the animals that are resistant to most snake venom. They
are known to hunt and eat snakes.

7. Baiji

It is a freshwater dolphin that is said to be extinct. Human activities are blamed for the extinction of the dolphin.
It was known to stay in the waters of the Yangtze River, where it used to hunt for food. Human activities such as the
destruction of its habitat and excessive hunting is blamed for having caused the extinction of the dolphin.

8. Baird’s Rat Snake

It is a harmless snake that belongs to the colubrid species. It is endemic to southwestern the United States. It is
also found in adjacent places such as northern Mexico. It is known to hunt and kill its prey through suffocation.
The snake feeds on rats and small rodents. Its strong muscles make it possible to suffocate its prefer before
swallowing it whole.

9. Bald Eagle

bird, eagle, head-341898.jpg

It is a bird of prey that is found in North America. Two species of white-tailed eagle occupy the same niche as the
bald eagle. It stays in a region such as the Palearctic. The Eagles have a strong vision than humans. They can spot
their prey from a long distance and dive to catch them. The eagle feeds on small rodents and other birds.

10. Baleen Whale

They are carnivorous whalebone whales. The mammals belong to the infraorder Cetacea. They use keratinaceous baleen
palates to sieve planktons in their mouths. They also feed on creatures in the water that they filter. Baleen whales
are known to sing during their breeding seasons. They make a lot of noise that attracts people to their breeding
grounds. They are widespread across the world.

11. Bedlington Terrier

bedlington terrier, dog, canine-76572.jpg

It is an active dog. The highly intelligent dog is loved by many family members. It can be a great companion due to
its playful nature. The dog has been adopted by families worldwide due to its easy-to-care nature. They are
small in stature and easy to care for. People interested in having active dogs at home prefer it. It is easy to
teach different tricks due to its great intelligence.

12. Balkan Lynx

The animal communicates using its ears. It belongs to the subspecies of the Eurasian lynx. The cat is found in
regions such as Albania, western Macedonia, eastern Siberia, and Montenegro. Macedonia has adopted the Balkan Lynx
as its national symbol. The wild animal is known to be very active in its natural environment. It is widespread in
different parts of Macedonia.

13. Ball Python

line, python, ball python-660781.jpg

The snake is also referred to as the royal python. The species is available in areas such as west and central Africa.
It lives in shrublands, grasslands, and forests. Ball python kills its prey high construction. It does not have
venom. It is among the smallest pythons found in Africa. Ball python can grow to a length of 182 centimeters. It is
mostly found in dense grasslands or shrublands where it hunts small rodents.

14. Banana Eel(Moray Eel)

The eel has several names. In some parts of the world, it is referred to as bastard eel, the golden tail moray, or
conger moray, among other names. It belongs to the species of marine fish. There are several other types of fish that
belong to the family Muraenidae. The eel is named after its yellow body. There are also brown spots on its body that
make it look like that of a banana.

15. Banana Spider

It is a spider that belongs to the family Ctenidae. Banana spiders are known to have medical significance to human
beings. The spider is readily available in areas such as northern South America. Some species are found in Central
America as well. The genus is referred to as the Brazilian wandering spiders. Banana spiders make silk that can be
used to manufacture fishing nets and clothes

16. Banded Krait

The snake belongs to the elapid snake species. It is common in the Indian subcontinent. It has also been seen in
areas such as southeast Asia and China. The largest banded krait can reach up to 2.7 meters long. Banded krait has
low cases of human fatalities due to its venom because it does not prefer using its venom during defense but rather
preserves it for hunting purposes.

17. Banded Palm Civet

The animal is also referred to as the banded Civet. It is native to Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand, and Borneo. It has
markings on its body that offer it camouflage. It can hide in the Bush and attack its prey without being recognized
due to its camouflage nature. The snake is known to hunt small rodents in its habitat.

18. Banjo Catfish

It is a small South American family catfish. There are more than 43 species of banjo catfishes. The fish is extremely
shy. It will hide from onlookers. There are several aquariums where it has been kept to allow visitors to have a
look at it. It will try to hide from the people in its natural environment. The catfish is widespread in the region.

19. Barbet

red-throated barbet, bird, animal-7024605.jpg

It is a dog breed that is medium-sized. The name is derived from the French word barbe which means beard. It has the
nickname mud dog due to its preference for playing in the mud. It also loves swamp-like areas. It will spend a lot of
time playing in the mud in the swamp. The dog has been adopted by several families.

20. Barn Owl

barn owl, owl, bird-3052382.jpg

It is widely distributed in the world. The barn owl can be found in different parts of the world. It has been spotted
in all parts except the polar regions. It is well adapted to stay in different regions of the world. It
can stay in cold regions as well as in the warm tropics.

The animals we have listed have names that start with the letter B. Several animals fall under the category, but we
had to choose a few words. They are given to animals that live in different habitats.