20 Animals with Double Letters in Their Name

20 Animals with Double Letters in Their Name

There’s fun in learning words with double letters on them. This time, we will discover different animals with double letters in their names.

In this post, we will learn about the different animals with double letters in their names, whether double consonant or vowel letters. We will also get to know what they are and look like.

Alligator – Double L

crocodile, alligator, teeth-1660537.jpg

Alligators have a long snout with nostrils facing upwards, allowing breathing while the rest of their bodies are underwater. They have yellowish stripes on their tales. The difference between alligators and crocodiles can be seen by their teeth.

Alligators have strong jaws. They are carnivorous and eat fish, birds, frogs, and other mammals that come closer to the water’s edge. They swallow small prey while they chew the bigger prey into pieces.

Bull – Double L

bull, cow, animal-2438032.jpg

Bulls have thick bones, large feet, a muscular neck, and a bony head with ridges over their eyes. These features aid them to fight over the herd, making them dominant and superior to cows. Bulls are aggressive. They require safe handling not only for other surrounding animals but also for humans. Bulls are known as symbols of protection, sacrifice, and chastity.

Butterfly – Double T

butterfly, flower, pollinate-1568926.jpg

A beautiful flying insect, a butterfly, has a small body with large colorful wings. These flying creatures attract some specific flowers easily. They are related to moths with wings that have a larger proportion than their bodies.

The scales of the butterfly’s wings give themselves beauty with their arranged colorful design unique to each species. Butterflies have three main body parts and six legs: the head, chest, and tail end. They have an exoskeleton and two v-shaped antennae.

Chimpanzee – Double E

chimpanzee, monkey, ape-1733604.jpg

One of the earth’s great apes, chimpanzees, are known to be looking like gorillas and orangutans. These animals have long below-the-knee arms with short legs and very hairy bodies. They have flat faces, big eyes, wide mouths, and small noses.

They walk using both their hands and feet. This kind of walking is called knuckle walkers because their knuckles serve as support. The chimps have opposable thumbs and toes, enabling them to hold things using their feet. They are very social and live in communities of other species alike.

Chinchilla – Double L


Chinchillas are small animals with round bodies, large ears that look like the mouse’s, long tails, and short legs. They are related to the porcupines and guinea pigs. Because of their short forelimbs and long hind legs, they look like rabbits. They also have large black eyes and fluffy bushy tails. Their ears and kind of rounder and shorter compared to the rabbits.

These are friendly creatures, just like the rabbits. They can learn to enjoy human companionship if you are affectionate. However, it takes like a week for them to adapt to new surroundings.

Deer – Double E

wapiti, deer, head-5778159.jpg

From the Cervidae family, the deer is one of the mammals with even toes. They have a reddish brownish coat during the summer season, which becomes dull grey-brown during the winter. They are shy and rather timid animals. They easily sense danger and manage to escape it in just a matter of time. They are not comfortable in the spotlight. They like living in calm and peaceful life. Any commotion and speed trigger them to a stressful state.

Moray Eel – Double E

moray eel, fish, underwater-2453910.jpg

Eels are snake-like bony fishes with smooth and slimy skin. They are characterized as worm-like bodies that generate waves that travel the length of their bodies to swim. Its median fins are confluent around its tails. They have soft rayed fins and long dorsal and anal fins that merge with their caudal fin. They have very small jaws but are strong and have numerous small teeth.

Giraffe – Double F


Giraffes are mostly seen in Africa. They are well known as four-legged animals with long necks, long spindly legs, and short bodies. They have small bony horns at the top of their heads, and the tails are tipped with fur. They generally have yellowish tan coats, with yellow and white block and blotch patterns in square-like shapes.

Gorilla – Double L

gorilla, lowland, west-4180606.jpg

Gorilla is the largest apes and primates. The gorillas are also known as closest to the living species relative to homo sapiens. These mammals are stocky animals with broad chests and shoulders. They have human-like hands and eyes with hairless faces.

Most movies portray gorillas as fierce animals. Compared to chimpanzees, gorillas are more persistent and calmer. They are not aggressive and shy unless aggravated. They are intelligent animals and can somehow able to do problem-solving.

Hippo – Double P


The hippopotamus is also known as the river horse in Greek. They are semi-aquatic mammals with large barrel shape bodies, short legs, short tails, and big heads. It has grey to muddy brownish skin and sometimes fades to pale pink underneath. It is widely known as the second largest animal next to the elephant.

Hippos submerged themselves in rivers and lakes for about 16 hours a day to keep their huge bodies underneath to cool down. They are graceful in the water and can hold their breath under the water for up to five minutes.

Kangaroo – Double O

kangaroos, marsupial, red giant kangaroo-1523910.jpg

Kangaroos belong to the group of small animals called macropods. They have powerful legs with big feet, short hair, small forelimbs, and long tail. Their fur coat colors can be grey, dark brown, and red. Their tails balance their body while they are hopping, and they use their limbs to move about. They have a great sense of hearing and sight.

Llama – Double L

llama vs camel

Llamas are animals that are close to camels except for not having that humps on their back. These are long-necked animals with small heads, shaggy fur, and stubby tails. They have upper lips split and large ears. Their colors of fur or wool come in different colors, such as beige, red, brown, and gray.

Moose – Double O

moose, bull elk, yawns-602659.jpg

Moose belongs to the deer species, and this kind is the largest of all. They are easily recognizable because their huge antlers measure around 6 feet from end to end. They have long faces and snouts that hang over their chins. Bell or flap of skin sways beneath its throat. They are tall creatures, so they prefer to eat taller grasses because it is difficult for them to lower their heads. They eat shrubs and pinecones.

Parakeet – Double E


Parakeet belongs to the subfamily Psittacidae. It is a very popular seed-eating parrot that is smaller and less expensive than other parrots. They like singing and talking, and it makes every on amused because they can do a lot of tricks too. This specie has a different color palette for its feather. The colors range from greenish to bright yellow, red, orange, violet, and blue. They generally have tapered tails and slender bodies.

Parrot – Double R

animal, parrot, bird-1835671.jpg

The most common pet that is also the most popular one that kids love – is the parrot. Parrots have beautiful and bright-colored beaks and feathers. It is known as the most intelligent among the species of birds.

A parrot has a compact body, big head, and short neck. The beaks are curved and short. Its beaks are strong enough to break the seeds and fruits. Its tongue is strong as well. One of the main reasons why people love parrot is because of their colorful feathers and their mimicry skills.

Rabbit – Double B


Rabbits are furry little animals that have long ears and fluffy tails. It has strong and large hind legs. Its iconic appearance of 2 pairs of sharp front teeth makes it popular. They are meticulous in cleaning themselves. They can also recognize their names and be taught to sit and perform simple tricks like a pet dog. Bubbly rabbits do cute behavior such as jumping and twisting, and spinning around. They are intelligent, affectionate, and social.

Raccoon – Double C and O

nature, wildlife, raccoon-4669438.jpg

Raccoons are known because of their masked markings and ringtails around their eyes. They look like cute bandits, but contrary to that, raccoons are quite scared when they are being approached. They have bushy tails. Its forepaws look like human fingers, and it makes them dexterous. Their fur color range from grey to reddish brown.

Sheep – Double E

lamb, farm, sheep-2216160.jpg

Sheep is widely known as a gentle and meek animal. They are loved by many because of their obedient character. they are quiet and aloof and sharply listen to their leaders. They have an outer coat called hair and beneath them are undercoats of fine wool developed to produce fleece. They are very intelligent, observant, and able to do problem-solving.

Squirrel – Double R

squirrel vs ferret differences

Squirrels are rodents with a slender body, short, silky fur, bushy tails, and large round eyes. The fur color ranges from whitish to yellowish to even black. They can run up to 20 mph, and their tails are fluffy enough to use like a parachute to help themselves balance while they do the leaping.

Woodpecker – Double O

great spotted woodpecker, bird, animal-7176401.jpg

Woodpeckers are bird species with pointed beaks used for chipping on the back and drumming on trees. Its bill’s tip has a shape of a chisel that is sharp enough to peck on wood. It chirps and does other loud calls. These birds’ colors vary from black bodies, white patches, and red crest.