Crab vs. Lobster All Differences Explained

Lobster vs Tiger Prawn

Lobsters and Crabs are the most common shellfish which the people consumeThese sea creatures have different looks, which can be easily compared at a price along with flavor. Let us now see which types of species they are and how they can be used in their dishes. As they belong to shellfish, they are known by the name of Crustacea.

The Crab

There are around 6800 species that are found in freshwater along with terrestrial ecosystems. They are found in the tropics along with geographical areas. The body of the Crab is vast which is covered with a thick exoskeleton. The crabs have four pairs of legs and one pair of claws, which is known by the name of Chelae. The shape of the male and female Crab is different. 


The female Crab is round, while the male Crab is triangular. According to the latest studies, they are considered cooperative creatures whose main aim is to work together to protect and feed and find shelter for their whole family. Crabs can also move for the molting process in which they are giving out their refuge for the exoskeleton for the primary purpose of growing.


Lobsters are around 85 species all over the world. Their main body is elongated along with an exoskeleton. The eyes of the lobsters are present near the antennae base. They have five pairs of legs in which one pair is modified into claws. They are larger than the crabs. They are distributed worldwide and are living in the seas except for polar waters. The taste of the lobsters will mainly depend upon the location where they are found. They tend to be more expensive and will give a delicious flavor when cooked.


 The meat of the lobsters is harder than crabs. The legs of the lobsters contain more meat, and the taste is delicious than Crab. The lobsters have eight legs, and they are considered the best option for you. They are rich in copper and contain B12. It contains cholesterol, while the overall fat in the lobsters is high. They are more expensive because farming them is very difficult.

Differences between Lobster and Crabs

 Both are sea creatures, but they differ in size, shape, and color. Let us now see the significant differences between them, allowing them to consume it differently—some like crabs while others like lobsters based upon physical appearance.

Appearance – Lobster and Crab are different from each other in look. Crabs have many colors, including sizes, along with shapes. Crabs have such bodies around and have long legs that can be easily extended from the shell. On the other side, lobsters have narrower bodies and claws that can be massive. They also come in many sizes along with colors and have different shapes. Lobsters walk forward and backward, whereas crabs walk sideways.

Size- the Crab’s size is small compared to the lobsters as they are more prominent. Crabs are almost around 13 feet, while lobsters are around 20 inches long. But in most of the species of lobsters, they can move up to 3.25 feet long, and the weight is almost 44 pounds.

Home- Lobsters and Crab are ocean creatures; crabs spend some time on land when they are in tropical areas where the weather is warm. On the other hand, lobsters will spend their time in such an environment where the water is fresh. Therefore, they are primarily found in saltwater areas.

Texture and taste- These animal meat have different flavors. Crabmeat is sweet, and lobster meat is like seafood and briny. The Crab meat is separated into flakes, while the meat of the lobster doesn’t separate. It is held together. The meat of the Crab is more delicious than lobster.

Nutritious value- Both are having different nutritious values. The meat of both is low in calories and fat. They are considered as high protein foods. They contain all kinds of nutrients in the right amount needed by the human bodies like selenium, zinc, and phosphorus. According to the latest studies, you will come across 129 calories in lobster. While on the other side, Crab has one gram of carbohydrates and protein, which is only 16 grams. The nutrition in the crab legs is full of zinc along with having antioxidant properties.

Method of cooking- The cooking method adopted for these two are the same. It includes steaming and boiling. Most people can break the animals into different parts to have them in salad with a toasted bun. Most people love to eat the legs of the Crab along with the tails of the lobster. People can also grill their legs along with tails which will add more flavors to their food. People should know precisely the boiling and steaming time not to destroy the taste.

Living conditions- The species of Crab want to live alone while others want to live in groups. These crabs are more active when they are in groups. These species are using communication to work for the common goal. On the other hand, lobsters are more solitary, and they don’t interact with each other. They are on top of the hierarchy level and are considered more important than all. They are male lobsters. When we talk about the feeding part, they are both omnivorous as they eat meat and plants. Crab loves to eat small animals like worms and tiny mollusks. They love to feed bacteria along with algae. Lobsters are the same, but their diet contains more animals like small crabs and urchins. When lobsters are under stress, they can quickly eat other lobsters also.

Meat price- they both are expensive. Crabs are lower priced compared to lobsters. The cost of the sea animals mostly depends upon the location where you live. The leg of the Crab is more expensive than Crab. When you are talking about lobsters, they will not give you more meat to eat.

Famous varieties- People will come across different types of Crab along with lobsters. They both look different if you need to compare them. Some of the crab variety will cover down spider crab along with king crab and snow crab. On the other side, lobsters also have some famous varieties covering furry lobsters, spiny lobsters, and reef lobsters.

The lifespan of crabs vs. lobsters- The life of the Crab and lobsters are different. Crabs can survive up to 13 years, while lobsters can survive up to 70 years.

Thus these are the main differences you will come across with Lobsters along with Crab.

Question and answers

Are crabs smaller in size than lobsters?

Yes, most crab species are smaller in size than lobsters. Lobsters, on the other side, have large bodies.

What is the maximum age of both Crab and lobsters?

Crabs live for 3-4 years, while lobsters live for around 70 years.

How many pairs of legs and claws do they both have?

Crabs have four pairs of legs along with one pair of claws. On the other side, lobsters have five pairs of legs in which one pair is claws which were modified.

Are the tails and antennae of crabs and lobsters the same?

No, the crabs have short tails along with antennae, while the tails of the lobsters and antennae are longer than the Crab.

Which types of creatures are they both?

Crabs are social creatures, while lobsters are solitary creatures.

What did Crab and Lobsters eat?

 The crab will eat both plants and meat, but lobsters mainly depend upon animals for their food on the other side.

Are crabs and lobsters expensive?

Crabs are considered as less expensive food, while lobsters, on the other hand, are expensive and tend to be more delicious.

Where are the crabs and lobsters mostly found?

Crabs are mostly found in seawater along with fresh water. Lobsters, on the other hand, are found in oceans.