Dove Vs. Peacock: All Differences Explained


The most beautiful creatures are birds on this globe, whether beautiful peacocks, Dove, night predator owls, or penguins. They are competent in different tasks, whether building a nest, migrating, mimicking human voices, hunting, and many more. They are also known as good pets event though they do not like to stay in a cage for a long time.

And here we are going to talk about Peacock and Dove. They both are different from each other but belong to the bird’s family. Both Dove and Peacock are adorable birds that people always admire. In addition, peacocks and Dove have the quality of friendship. Peacock is usually known as a farmer friend; Dove is known as a friend for life for all.

Let us start with some brief introduction of Dove – 


Doves are from the Columbidae family of birds, similar to pigeons, as they are from the same family. And so, this is the reason people mainly address doves as pigeons and vice versa. But doves are small-sized than pigeons, and pigeons are large-sized, having around 300 different species.

Most of the doves are having stout bodies having short legs and beaks. They usually have a similar shape, and also their plumage changes with species. Few doves appear in uniform colors, whereas others have various patterns and colors. Their coloration too changes drastically with brightness. For instance, uniform tan color is found in the African Collared Dove, whereas the pink-headed fruit dove is seen in a bright pink head and neck with a white collar and green body.

Some Facts About Doves

  • Doves are known for finding their way home over thousands of kilometers. This uncanny ability made them a messenger in ancient times to deliver messages for military leaders, royal people, and other notable figures.
  • Doves exist since 3000 years ago, but today pigeons are not used anymore for delivering messages. But yes, their use is still being valued today with their services like sending doves to love or bouquet of doves.
  • People confuse doves and pigeons, and still, for many people, they are identical. They are a part of the same family but are different from each other.

Peacock – Beautiful Creatures Of Nature

Peacocks, the national birds of India, are known as beautiful creatures found easily in zoos. They are the male species that are usually seen in zoos and also on hobby farms, ranches. They are native to the Asian forests, which are members of the Pheasant family, showing many of the same behaviors as other pheasants. Peacocks are known as ground feeders, which means they spend most of their time to search food on the ground. They often like to live in forested areas hiding in tall grass or shrubs to stay far away from predators.

Having large size, still, they can fly, and actually, they are one of the heaviest and largest flying birds in this world. Therefore, if a peacock finds themselves in danger, they fly to escape, though they cannot stay in the air for a longer time due to their weight.

Some Lesser-Known Facts About Peacock

Male peafowl is known as Peacock, whereas the female is known as a peahen.

Peacocks are giant birds who can fly, having a length around 5 feet, including their tails. Their weight is between 8 to 13 pounds.

Peacocks are usually omnivores who eat animals and plants both as they like to eat amphibians, flowers, seeds, insects, arthropods, etc.

They have danger signs from tigers, mongoose, leopards, and so on, and whenever they sense danger, they hide or fly in the trees. They even spend some nights on trees for this reason.

Bevy is the family of peacocks where peacocks are characterized by their beautiful and colorful tail or feather.

Their tails color look different all the time you change your angle of watching due to light reflection. Their feathers have eye-structured spots surrounded by green, golden, and red colors.

Their tail makes around 60% of the Peacock’s total length, and the fantastic thing is that the peahen selects its partner by its width, size, and coloration of the tail.

Peacocks are known as polygamous, which means they are friends of more than one female and form a harem comprising 2 to 5 females. When left alone, peacocks are found heartbroken and sad.

The voice of Peacock is sometimes unpleasant.

Dove Vs. Peacock

There are too many differences between dove and peacock species. So here are some of the best-picked features about both admirable species around – 

Dove has Luzon’s bleeding heart, which means this bird’s chest has a bright red smear that looks the same as blood. These birds live on some islands, while peacocks are widely found in Asian countries as dominant in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and India. Peacocks are colorful and large males in the pheasant family.

Doves have a bright pink cap on the top of their head which seems like they are wearing a rose crown, and the rest of their plumage is a veritable Picasso painting of yellows, greens, pinks, and oranges, while Peacock also has feather crown on their head which makes them look elegant.

Peacocks have feathers covered with a blue and greenish color. Their tail has an eye-like spot on feathers, whereas the Dove is white and sometimes in a pattern or different colors.

Peacocks are found in 6 to 7 feet of length, whereas Dove is a minor member of the bird’s family.

Dove coloration changes drastically from species to species, and they can quickly fly due to their lightweight. While peacocks can fly but can’t stay for a more extended period in the air due to their massive weight and the best thing about peacocks is that they can show around 200 feathers on their tails at a time. In addition, their colors change with the angle of our sight because it is a crystal-like structure in feathers that reflects various light wavelengths based on spacing.

Questions and answers

Here are some questions about Dove and Peacock where the answers might surprise you. Some unheard facts are discussed below as questions and answers –

What do mourning doves eat?

Mourning doves usually are seed eaters and do not eat insects. These birds’ weed seeds adding value to gardeners and farmers or others who live near overgrown space. 

How do these mourning doves look?

Both females and male mourning doves are famous for their fray and brown color, small heads with black spots, and a slender tail. They have a mixing of muted tones beautifully toned with black spots on their wings.

How is the voice or call sound of this mourning dove?

The cooooOOOOO-woo-woo-woo is the usual call of mourning dove uttered by males, not females. However, some passionate backyard bird lovers find doves’ voices calm, peaceful, and soft.

How fast do doves fly?

Their pointed and long wings are in falcon structure, allowing them to fly fast at around 55 mph.

Are peacocks smart?

Peacocks are not very smart in general. However, they are as bright as domesticated turkey and are attractive. People love them. Although they are not so bright, they still escape from their predators quickly.

Do peacocks attack humans?

No, peacocks do not frequently attack people. However, it happens that birds have been shot, which are featured in some news stories.

Are peacocks be your pets?

Peacocks can be considered pets as they are very adorable and admirable. In addition, peacocks are more adaptable, less aggressive, and tamer, which makes them the best pet.

Will peacocks fly away even they are pets?

Peacocks will fly away if they are not trained or left out of their home at night. 

What is the life span of peacocks usually?

The life span of a peacock is around 10 to 25 years.

Do female peacocks get pregnant?

No, peacocks are known as lifelong Brahmachari or celibate. They never have sex with peahen. The peahen gets pregnant after swallowing the Peacock’s tears.

What fear a peacock has?

Peacocks are primarily afraid of dogs because dogs seem like wild and predacious canines. Also, tiger, mongoose, and so on are their predators.

What is the meaning when Dove visits you?

It is said that the message of hope, peace, and love is conveyed when Dove appears to you. Therefore, when discussing spiritual belief, a visit from Dove can be more than a message from a loved one as it might be the messenger of God’s love.

Does Dove have bile?

Neither doves nor pigeons have gallbladders. But still, they produce bile which is secreted into the gut directly.

Do doves mate for life?

Yes, doves are known as mates for life, and the bond is so strong that it can extend for a time beyond earth. Doves care for their mates, watch their mates and return to the place where their friends died.

So these are some of the exciting questions and answers about Peacock and Dove. They both have two to three similarities and other differences, which are discusses above. The exciting and notable fact discussed above was – Peacocks are known as Brahmachari, and doves are known as friends for life.