Eagle Vs. Vulture All Differences Explained


Eagles are called the king of birds due to their sturdy structure, deep eyesight, and superiority. At the same time, vultures appear from medium to large-sized. There are many unheard facts about these two: Vulture and Eagle, which we will discuss below with their differences. How vulture reacts with the king of birds? How they appear, and what are their habits? Let us start with some of the facts about these two – Vulture and Eagle.

Some Facts About Eagles and Vultures

  • The Eagle belongs to the Accipitridae that is the name of the family of birds. There are around 60+ species of Eagle across the globe, and many of them are found in Africa and Eurasia. The famous eagle species are – White-tailed Eagle, Philippine Eagle, Golden Eagle, and Bald Eagle.
  • Eagles are smaller than vultures, but they cannot be compared with their hunting skills and characteristics. When compared, you might find that Eagle is more superior and experienced hunter.
  • Eagle is useful to kill large animals such as monkeys, foxes, and deer with their strong talons. They can utilize the same nails with their experience on the vulture, leaving them in serious injuries or death.
  • People believe that vultures have no value to the earth and earth is better without them, but the truth is that vultures are essential birds in this ecosystem as equal as Eagle. They also possess many outstanding features. 

You might not be knowing that vultures are also known as nature’s garbage disposers. There are around 15+ types of vultures, and the most common are – Black vulture, Egyptian vulture, Griffon vulture, and turkey vulture.

So these are some of the unknown and known facts about vulture and Eagle. Now, let us head to the difference between Eagle Vs. Vulture.

Difference Between Eagle Vs. Vulture


Vultures find a habitat that enables them to look small carrion when they soar in the high sky. Its living area comprises plains, savannahs and so some vultures prefer living in an open mountainous area. Others are found in suburban areas, mainly on every continent other than Australia and Antarctica. 

Whereas Bald eagles are fond of big lakes, and in summer, they soar above lakes and nearby trees. They are found chiefly around unfrozen lakes hunting along rivers, reservoirs, and coastlines. Bald eagles are located near all water habitat types during their migration. 

Appearance makes them distinguish

Vultures are found from medium size to large-sized birds feeding on dead animals. There are around 23 species of vultures with good eyesight, and others have keen smelling sense. They have a huddle-over posture and substantial body, having shaggy loose feathers in comparison to other birds. Vulture has a black or dull brown color appearance over their body. Thus, species have heads or throats which are blue or bright red. Vulture having their bald head and throat help them to control their body temperatures. Vultures have robust and hooked beaks enabling them to open and tear carcasses and also have broad wings.

Pack of Vultures

Bald eagles have white tails and heads along with dar brown wings and bodies. Their bills and legs are bright yellows in color. Immature birds have around dark tails and heads where their brown wings and body are mottled with white.



The significant difference between eagles and vultures is their habit of eating. Eagle prefers to hunt and kill other animals for their food vultures feeding on dead animals. And on the other hand, vultures kill other animals very rarely. They are providing in groups with their other species who are also known as carrier eaters. The speed of a vulture in eating is super because they can eat almost 2 pounds of meat within a minute.

Eagles always are considered at the top of the food chain, and their nutrition relies on habitat and species. Golden eagles are carnivores that feed on small mammals like ground squirrels, rabbits, hares, and marmots. And bald eagles are known as predators as they are fish eaters, and fish is their primary food. Their diet consists of small species of reptiles, crabs, rabbits, amphibians, and birds.

Their size

Vulture’s size changes with its species, such as the black vulture have a size from around 56 to 74 cm, weighing around 1.6 kg to 2.7 kg, and the turkey vultures have about 62 to 81 cm in their length weighing approximately 0.8 to 2.4 kg. And the griffon vulture measures 93 to 120 cm in height, weighing around 6.5 kg to 11 kg.

And if we compare Eagle vs. vulture size, vultures are more significant than an eagle. The smallest little Eagle is around 17.7 inches to 21.7 inches, and the sea eagle is about 36 to 42 inches in length, having a weight estimate of approximately 1.1 pounds to 15 pounds.

Eagle Vs. Vulture Reproduction

The belief goes like vultures are monogamously forming a single bond with a single individual for life. They get sexually mature at the age of around 5 to 7 years. The larger female vulture species lay one egg, whereas smaller species may lay 2 to 3 eggs. Their eggs are kept for incubation between 38 to 68 days, and only 10% of their chicks survive one year. Vulture develops their nest on the top of the tree, and it is so large, like a king-size bed.

Eagles also mate once in their lifetime. The female golden Eagle lays their eggs between January to May, where their incubation period is around 34 to 45 days. The chicks hatch their eggs for several days. Both male and female golden Eagle feed their chicks, and they stay in their nest for around 45 to 81 days. They leave the nest by walking, hopping, or falling out. 

Speed of flying

Eagles fly at impressive speeds; some fly faster than cars, where golden eagles fly at around 320 km/hr, and this is even faster than cars, making their prey escaping difficult. Once seen, the prey will indeed get attacked by an eagle. Eagle fly faster than vultures also.

So, all the differences are discussed above briefly, but still, there are some unheard facts you have not heard about Eagle and vulture.

questions and answers

Do you know that there are many things unknown about both birds? However, here are a few exciting questions that might surprise you and help you know deeply about them.

Can Eagle kill a wolf?

These large birds of prey are speedy and agile in the air, so they prefer to hunt small mammals, fish, waterfowl, and so on. Eagle rarely pose a risk to healthy adult wolves but quickly grab their unguarded young pups with their feet and nails.

Can an eagle carry humans?

Eagles are not able to carry an adult human but can kill them. They do not commonly attack humans as they cannot lift much more than few pounds.

Who is more powerful – a Vulture or Eagle?

Vulture is found bigger than Eagle but cannot be compared with each other based on their hunting skill and other characteristics possessed by Eagle. Eagles are better hunters.

Do Vultures symbolize death?

Certain animals like bats, crows, owls, moths, and vultures are connected somewhere with death as some of their feeds on carrion – they are nocturnal. Vultures also show renewal and transformation along with death.

Are Vultures friendly birds?

Vultures are observed socially relatively, and they often fly, feed, or roost in large groups.

How far can Vulture smell the death?

Most birds do not smell sense, but vultures can smell death from more than a mile away. They can smell the unique sulfurous chemical compounds to decay meat from a very high sky and circle downwards unless they find out the origin of the aroma.

What is the spiritual meaning of Eagle?

Eagle delivers the messages and powers of the spirit, which connects man to the divine as it flies higher than other birds. If an Eagle appears, it shows courage and bestows freedom for moving ahead. It is the symbol of the significance of truth and honesty.

Are Vultures good pets?

No, you cannot make a vulture your pet. Yet, there are ways you can communicate with them and ever volunteer them in wildlife centers. But they cannot be kept as personal pets.

Do Vultures pee on themselves?

Turkey vultures urinate on their legs as they do not sweat, such as humans. Thus, urinating on their legs helps to cool themselves in the summer season. And at the same time, the strong acid present in their urine kills bacteria on the legs.

What is the attitude of Eagle?

Eagle only has to focus on their goals and not fear. After setting their plan to hunt, they are evident with their vision and focus on it. They never move their focus until they hunt it as they planned.

Hence, there are many significant characteristics of both Vulture and Eagle. Nobody can deny the powerful hunting skills of Eagle and vulture keep themselves cool by urinating on themselves. Not only this, there are more such amazing things discussed above to know about both along with their differences.