Goat Vs. Ram All Differences Explained

goat vs ram differences


There exists a very close relationship between these two Goat and Ram, and so they are referred to as one in the same species. However, they are from two different species, and the difference is very clearly observed between them. The characteristics, appearance, size, habitat, and so on are discussed below to distinguish them. Thus, it is worthwhile to stay informed with the information below. 

Goats and Ram are famous options of livestock accessible for your small farm. Many of these folks have affection for these two animals which appears cute and gentle to all. Goats and Ram are indeed less complex when compared to other livestock options, but they still present as backyard farmers with their unique characteristics and work.

Unique Features About Ram And Goat

The Ram is different from a goat which is a male sheep. Ram and Goat are from two other families.

  • The most exciting difference between Ram and Goat is their shape of horn and fur. Ram grow wooly with thick coats, whereas goats have less coating of hair.
  • Rams have iconic long and curved horns with split hooves. Ram has a more extended horn than Goat, having curves backward from their head, whereas Goats have more erected and fewer curve horns.
  • Rams also have sexual dimorphism, so they are big, weighing around 120 to 180 kg per species. At the same time, Goats are smaller and lighter in weight and have a long lifespan than Ram.
  • Goats belong to Capra Aegagrus species, a reliable source of milk, fibers, and meat, whereas Ram belongs to the Ovis aries species.

There are many more notable things to distinguish between Goat and Ram according to their body size, tail shape, diet pattern, foraging behaviors, and so on.

Difference Between Goat Vs. Ram

The Ram is larger compared to Goat.

Generally, Rams are observed larger than goats. Ram can grow up to 6 feet in length, weighing between 120 to 180 kg depending on their species. In comparison to Rams, Goats are lighter and smaller in size.

bighorn, sheep, bighorn sheep-1721514.jpg

Anglo-Nubian Goat is the heaviest one among all 210 identifies goat species. Though goats have the same length as Rams, they are lightweight. Ram looks bulkier compared to goats because of their thick wooly fur. The horns of Rams are also heavier and larger of around 14 kg in comparison to goats.

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The appearance of Goats and Rams

The difference between Goat Vs. Ram is their look. Ram is tubbier, whereas a goat is more slender. Ram can give us wool while Goat does not. Ram belonging to the Ovas Aries species, have around 54 chromosomes, whereas goats belonging to Capra Hircus species have about 60 chromosomes. 


If you have seen how Goat forages, you had explored animals who become choosy when talking about the food they eat. Both of these animals, Rams, and goats, are ruminants and herbivore mammals, but still, their foraging mode differs. Goats are attracted to nutritious plants, and they do not eat whatever plants they can find out. Goats forage for an extended period, and so they are named as browsers. 

But this is not the same with Rams. Rams prefer walking around their foraging ground, eating small plants and grass close to the land. Rams do not invest more time exploring their surrounding, unlike goats. Rams are less interested compared to goats are known as grazers.

The personality of Rams and Goats

Goats are known as picky animals when talking about their food intake, known as browsers. Goats have an innate sense of curiosity and inquisitiveness. Goats are curious to investigate their surroundings and find out anything new they get during foraging. It is a double-edged sword because their interest can put them in trouble.

The most notable thing about goats is that they are known as social animals who enjoy other goats. But it does not mean that they show flocking instinct or become agitated when separated from their herd.

Rams are opposite to goats, and they show some high degree of flocking instinct. If they are separated from their flock of sheep, they get agitated, making them defenseless or stupid. But sheep are said to be the extremely intelligent species who have good memory and recognition skill. Rams want to stay together because they know they have a good chance of survival if they are in a group.

The fur varies in Ram and Goat.

Rams are animals who are famous for their wool, while goats are not. The thickness of the fur is the typical difference between a sheep and a goat. Most of the sheep need shearing and combing of wool one time a year to keep them safe. It is essential to note that long years of domestication heads rams losing their natural capability of molting. So wool must be sheared off every year at least once.

The sheep’s high possibilities stem from high heat if shearing is not done on time, or they might get at risk of parasitic skin infections.

The rams have a longer tail than goats.

The shape of the tail differs in both of these animals. If you have noted goats, then you might have observed that they have a short tail pointed upwards. Rams have long Tails covered with wool, giving a bushy look. The bushy tail appears beautiful, having the appendage in life with an anus that can result in some severe infections.

Diet of Goat Vs. Ram

Goats and Rams have many differences, but they are both ruminant animals, so they have a similar diet. Goats prefer nutritious plants for eating, while Rams prefer every grass they find out. But people believe that Rams and goats need a highly healthy diet for their excellent health. They must be provided with nutrient supplements like fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains once at least.

So, all the differences are cleared in the above discussion. But there are still some exciting things you need to know about both.

Questions And Answers On Goat And Rams

There are few notable and exciting things that you must know Rams and Goats. Below are some of the questions and answers on both of these animals – 

Can a Goat become a friend of Ram?

Though Goats and Rams forage together, still they are mates rarely. Even if they become mates successfully, the offspring might still be born. 

Are Rams aggressive?

Rams are considered headbutt who even can attack humans in some of the conditions when they are in their breeding season or are with the ewes. Rams can even lead to serious injury due to curled horns, and so it is advised for children to stay far away from Rams.

What are goats known for generally?

Goats are helpful to provide meat, fur, skins, and milk across the world. Milk obtained from goats is turned into goat cheese. Female goats are known as nannies, juvenile goats of both genders are known as children, and intact males are known as billies or bucks. Castrated males are usually called wethers.

What do goats hate?

Goats do not consume onion, chocolate, garlic, or any other source of caffeine. Goats hate to eat leftover meat scraps. Citrus fruits must be avoided as they can upset the rumen.

Can goats identify their owners?

Goats do not show their affection too much. They do use the voice of people, ‘I love you, but they use their interaction initiation, body language, eye contact, and many more for making it known that they love you back and they feel valued. Goats can be too affectionate to their owners.

What is the reason for the Rams getting aggressive?

Aggressive animals are more aggressive during the breeding season, dealing with humans or dealing with other sheep. Aggression may reach the highest level in their breeding season or when the Rams are with ewes. 

What smell do goats hate?

The stinky smell keeps the goats away from them. They stay far from it, and so if you want your goats to stay away from anything, then you can try out to apply fresh cow dung or spray stinky odor.

Do rams get brain damage head-butting each-other?

Two Rams collide with ten times the force of human football players. And so, while head-hitting, Rams can cause brain damage or concussions.

Why do goats rub their head on you?

A buck’s scent gland is near its horns, and during the rut season, it releases strong scent musk spreading it by rubbing its head on something. It is their way of claiming you.

Do goats bite?

Not every goat bites, but some do as a way to communicate. They might be playing simply, but sometimes they are irritated or sharing or trying to get other goats’ attention.

So, with these above questions and answers, we got to know many things about goats and Rams that were unheard of so far. Rams are aggressive animals, and goats leave their scent by rubbing their heads.