“Keeping Live Sea-Monkeys as Pets – A Natural Choice

When I was young, I kept sea monkeys as pets.

If you haven’t seen these critters, they’re not little monkeys… (depressing, I know).

They are a hybrid of brine shrimp.

The idea of ​​Sea Monkeys is that you can hatch shrimp, watch them grow, and have your own aquarium pets.

I did everything perfectly with my Sea Monkeys.

I sent them to receive many other things, including banana products, bubble machines, and even fertility drugs.

It’s so much fun watching them wiggle and wiggle in their little underwater habitats.

Sea-Monkey Pets

Even though I knew the Monkeys I bought for my daughter would probably experience the same thing, I wanted her to see for herself.

I found myself getting really excited when we bought a dress and my excitement was starting to rub off on my daughter.

“They’re live monkeys, kid, so we should see them break right away!”

Yes, I had not read the packet.

We went outside and set up, and when I started reading, I realized that we can’t have Sea Monkeys right away.

The water purifier has to do its job – wait 24 hours.

The amazing Diary of a Live Sea-Monkey

Finally, the next day came and we went outside to put the Monkey-Monkey eggs in the water and…

All day we searched.

Day 3 – Mom stares and pushes her nose up so she doesn’t move…nothing.

Day 4 – There was something.

Day 4 – There was something.

A little walk in the water.

Day 5 – Little things swimming in water.

Again, I didn’t read the packet properly.

But when someone reads the title ‘The world’s only animals of the moment!’ there, I can imagine, well, right away.

In the small letters it is written that it can take 4-5 days!

All this fun and it didn’t break until the fourth day.

Although our Sea Monkey visit started slowly, as they grew, which was seen almost every day, my daughter became very interested in watching their little shows.

He wasn’t as crazy as his mother, but he liked to watch them and feed them.

Learning about Sea-Monkeys

We find out how they shed their skin to grow, why baby monkeys fight, how *cough* they make babies (the scary stuff doesn’t need medicine this time) and everything about baby monkeys.

Say hello to the most amazing new Sea-Monkey farmer!

We have babies, and three sea monkeys with egg sacs.

A Sea Monkey with an ovary

No young Sea Monkeys have died yet, either!

It’s a great education for kids and a wonderful, fun breed for pets.

Just try not to get your child’s expectations so high that the tackers start swimming in the tank.

Official Sea-monkey website with information on:

What are sea monkeys?

What are sea monkeys?

How to help sick sea monkeys

Have you ever kept Sea Monkeys?

Have you raised your child’s expectations about something that disappointed them?