15 Animals That Start With a G (with pictures)

15 Animals That Start With a G

The animal kingdom is full of fantastic animals with unique characteristics that make them wonderful creatures. It is estimated that there are more than 7 million species of animals, and the name of many of them begins with G. How many animals do you know that start with G?

Here are 15 animals that start with G, where they live, and their characteristics.


wildlife, gazelle, goiter gazelle-3541761.jpg

The Gazelle is one of the fastest and most agile mammals since it can run at more than 90 km/h and make long distances with an average speed of about 50 km/h. Moreover, it belongs to the bovine family, and its main characteristic is its beautiful horns. They can reach a height of about one meter and weigh up to 70 kg.

Gazelles live in the African savannahs and Southeast Asia because they seek to live in open plains with little vegetation, so they can be alert to avoid predators.


leopard gecko, gecko, lizard-515491.jpg

Geckos are small reptiles that live almost everywhere on earth so far more than 1500 species of geckos have been found all over the world, except in Antarctica. They even inhabit houses because they are harmless animals that feed mainly on insects such as mosquitoes and spiders.

Most Gecko species are nocturnal reptiles that prefer to hunt at night and measure between 1.5 to 60 centimeters. They are beautiful animals with brightly colored skin that, in most cases, is unicolor. However, their tails are usually very fragile and break frequently.


gerbil, animal, mouse-5195034.jpg

The Gerbil is a myomorph rodent belonging to the Muridae family, usually mistaken for a small rat because they are small and furry and have a long tail. However, the Gerbil is a different species of rodent that is widely used in experiments and is very friendly with humans, making them popular pets in many countries. They feed on seeds and vegetables.

Their body can grow up to 12 cm long and their tail up to 11 cm, and they live between 3 and 4 years. They are animals that generate deep relationships with other group members; sometimes, when a gerbil is left alone, it becomes depressed and solitary.


gibbon, monkey, animal-6928499.jpg

Gibbons are arboreal apes that live in Asia and Indonesia. They are known as small apes because of their size, but they are more agile than chimpanzees and gorillas, as they can move through trees at up to 50 km/h, which makes them the fastest non-flying arboreal mammals in the world.

Their coat color varies from dark brown to light brown, and some species with white shades. Besides, many gibbon species are endangered because they are hunted for their unique fur.

Gila Monster

The Gila Monster is one of the venomous lizard species that inhabit the southwestern United States and Sonora, recognized by the osteoderms along its body. Although it is a venomous lizard, it is not considered a lethal threat to humans because it moves slowly, and a Gila monster could hardly bite a person. In addition, there has not been a recorded death from its venom for over 90 years.

It is the only venomous lizard that is native to the United States. However, it also inhabits Mexico, spreading throughout the southern area encompassing Sonora, Arizona, California, and Utah.


giraffe, wild, wildlife-657773.jpg

The giraffe is the tallest land animal in the world. Males can reach up to 6 meters from legs to horns, while females measure up to five meters. In addition, an adult giraffe weighs around 1300 kg, but surprisingly they can run at 55 km/h, which is unusual for such a tall and heavy animal.

The giraffe is native to Africa, and nine species inhabit the continent. They feed on branches and leaves of various trees, but their favorite food is the Acacia tree leaves. Giraffes normally sleep between two and three hours a day.


nature, animal, goat-3328876.jpg

According to several studies, the goat was domesticated by man around the eighth millennium B.C. for its tender meat and delicious milk, which is one of the healthiest because of all the vitamins it contains. The main habitat of the goat is in cold climates, but they can also thrive without problems in southern or warm countries. 

The goat belongs to the Caprinae family, and more than 300 breeds are known worldwide, all of which have distinctive horns. Depending on the breed, a goat can weigh up to 300 kg. 


eye, goldfish, freshwater fish-365087.jpg

Also known as the goldfish or goldfish, the goldfish is a freshwater fish belonging to the Cyprinidae family. Originally, its habitat was freshwater rivers, but since 207 AD, it began to be bred in captivity. Thanks to its striking skin color, it is now the most popular fish in freshwater aquariums.

There are more than 200 species of goldfish with small variations in fins, different tails, and head shapes, some even have double tails, and the variety of skin colors is almost infinite.


bird, goose, waterbird-7270986.jpg

Geese are birds belonging to the subfamily Anserinae and their habitat is the wetlands of Europe and North America. However, being a waterfowl, it is commonly mistaken for a duck. So far, 29 species of geese have been discovered, but the most popular are the Canada goose and the white goose.

Like many birds, the goose is a monogamous bird since it spends its entire life with only one mate when living in its natural habitat. When it is bred in captivity, it usually breeds with different partners.


gophers, ground squirrel, chip munks-112283.jpg

The Gopher is a rodent that belongs to the Geomyidae family and is better known as the Pocket Gopher because of its small size. Their natural habitat is in Central and North America, and they dig rodents that can destroy gardens or even entire farms. There are 35 species of gopher, and they all belong to the Geomyidae family as they have similar physical features and behaviors.

Their diet is based solely on plants such as stems, tubers, and roots, among others. According to the region, each gopher species prefers different plants. Although they are seen as a pest, the reality is that gophers are a key part of the ecosystem as they help to fertilize the soil and are prey for other animals.


silverback gorilla, male gorilla, mountain gorilla-271002.jpg

According to many scientists, gorillas are, together with chimpanzees, the most similar animals to humans, as 98% of their genes are identical. The name Gorilla comes from an African tribe, meaning “hairy person”. Their habitat is the forests of central Africa.

On average, a gorilla is between 1.60 and 1.80 meters tall and weighs about 150 to 180 kg. However, some cases of gorillas have measured more than 2 meters, such as Kumbuka, a gorilla from the London Zoo, which reached 2.13 meters. Unfortunately, gorillas are an endangered species.


hay horse, grasshopper, insect-4481734.jpg

Grasshoppers are part of the Caelifera group, considered the oldest insect group in the world, as there are records that indicate that they dated back to the Triassic period 250 million years ago. They are insects characterized by the power of their hind legs, allowing them to make long jumps to escape any threat.

In addition, they can camouflage themselves and are plant-eating insects, although there are records of some grasshopper species that have become pests, wiping out entire cereal and vegetable plantations.

Great White Shark

shark, underwater, animal-506025.jpg

The Great White Shark is the only species of the genus Carcharodon that survives today. This shark lives in all the major oceans and is one of the longest-living fish with an average life span of 75 years. It is also known for its large size, reaching nearly 6 meters in length and weighing approximately 2000 kg.

This magnificent shark is considered an apex predator because it does not have a predator other than the famous orca whale, and there are very few records of it. Besides, the great white shark is the shark with more cases of bites on humans.

Grizzly Bear

bear, head, brown-1283347.jpg

The Grizzly Bear is the most popular bear in the United States and is a subspecies of the brown bear, which inhabits the northern part of the country. In addition, other bear species are classified as grizzly bears, such as the Kodiak bear and the peninsular grizzly, as well as the extinct California grizzly. 

Adult male grizzly bears weigh between 220 and 350 kg and measure about 2 meters, while females weigh approximately 170 kg and grow up to 1.80 meters. These bears can be found in Europe, Asia, and North America.


ruffed grouse, bird, animal-5592432.jpg

Grouse are a subspecies of Galliformes, which is part of the bird family Phasianidae, which also includes the prairie grouse, prairie grouse, and lagopods, among others. Their habitat is temperate and subarctic regions. 

They are polygamous birds that spend their entire lives with a single partner, and their diet is mainly based on grasses and insects. They have beautiful feathered fur down to their toes. They measure between 50 and 90 cm and weigh between 300 gm to 5 kg.