Why Are Animals Attracted To Me? 3 Reasons Why Your Pet

Are animals attracted to you?

Have you ever wondered “why are animals attracted to me?”

Why are animals more attracted to some people than others?

Animals often gravitate towards some individuals like magnets.

For one reason or another, I’ve always found it easier to make friends with animals than with people.

In fact, more often than not, the animals initiated this amazing friendship by approaching me first.

I don’t know if this is a divine blessing or just my body language, but the animals feel comfortable and loved in my presence, just like me.

On more than one occasion, this has made me wonder “why are animals attracted to me?”

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Well, if you have experienced the same and have always tried to figure out why animals are attracted to you, then today we are going to dive deep and find out the answer to the question that many of us lucky ones ask – By what animals naturally like me?

And what does it mean when animals are attracted to you?

Do you become personally affected when you see an animal in pain?

Do you tend to lash out at people who mistreat animals?

Does the loss of a pet or animal friend result in lasting psychological and emotional pain?

Do you understand what an animal is trying to say even without saying a word?

Highly Sensitive People (HSP) and people with high levels of empathy, also known as empaths, tend to attract animals wherever they go.

If animals often come to you asking for pets, hugs and kisses, then you are likely to be an animal whisperer.

An animal whisperer is someone who can easily –

Read any animal’s body language Understand its thoughts and emotions Recognize potential behavioral or health problems Tap into the animal’s psyche

Although there may be a psychic element involved in animal whispering, it actually means that you have a lot of empathy, you are very sensitive and in tune with animals.

Connecting with animals on a deep emotional and cognitive level can be a remarkable spiritual experience for highly sensitive people.

Your empathy and compassion allow you to gain their perspective, understand how they see you and others, and make you feel part of a divine whole that encompasses every living being in the cosmos.

In fact, people who own pets tend to have higher degrees of empathy than non-pet owners, studies have found.

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Losing a pet can be a traumatic experience for some highly sensitive people, especially those who are closely attached to their pets.

Losing a beloved pet can feel like losing a family member, and the grieving process can often be complicated, heartbreaking and long.

And maybe that’s why animals are attracted to you.

But can animals understand your love?

So when an animal meets a highly sensitive person and an empath, they can feel your positive vibe.

Animals and pets know they can trust you and understand that this can lead to a strong connection based on your vibration.

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This is the answer to “why are animals attracted to me?”

The reasons why animals are attracted to you

Are you an animal magnet?

Here are 3 major reasons why some people attract animals easily –

Most animals have a heightened sense of smell that they use effectively to track down food and even threats that may linger nearby.

Since every human being has a unique sense of smell, animals can tell if you are friend or foe simply by smelling you.

“It has long been known that an animal’s behavior can be affected by odors from another species,” explains a 2015 study.

So if a dog or cat approaches you, it’s probably because of the way you smell, which isn’t necessarily because of the smell of the food you recently ate.

While the smell of leftover food is a major factor, your pheromones and the smell of your hair or skin can also attract animals to you.

However, the smell of other animals on your body, such as your own pet, can also attract stray animals to you.

Now you know the answer to “why are animals attracted to me”.

How do you behave when you see a dog, cat or any other animal you don’t know?

Our body language tells a lot to an animal, which helps it decide whether it should approach us or not.

Studies have shown that “Coexistence between dogs/cats and humans is based on non-verbal communication”. In fact, the “gaze behavior” between humans and animals plays a significant role in the “mutual emotional connection” and “bonding” between humans and animals.

Animals love when you welcome them to express your love.

This is why your friendly, non-threatening demeanor and body language is one of the major reasons why animals are attracted to you.

Are you still asking me “why are animals attracted to me?” Then read on.

While your body language and scent can certainly make pets gravitate towards you, your personality can be an even bigger factor when asking yourself, “why are pets attracted to me?” Animals can often tell what kind of personality we have, and people with a friendly, energetic and optimistic personality tend to attract animals more often.

When you’re upbeat and excited about a dog, cat, or any other animal, they may be more able to connect with you, especially if they have the same energy level.

However, a shy and introverted animal may be better able to connect with individuals who tend to be introverted themselves.

In fact, our mood can also influence the behavior of animals towards us.

Studies show that animals can understand when we smile and are often encouraged to behave more positively.

So if you’re wondering “why am I attracted to animals” now you know the answer.

Why animals and pets are attracted to me

Aside from the reasons mentioned above, there may be other factors to consider when trying to figure out “why are animals more attracted to some people than others?” Here are some other obvious reasons why an animal may gravitate towards you –

Domesticated animals evolved to rely on humans. They need your help. I know they like you. They feel safe and protected around you. They need healing and you have the ability to heal them. They may find you familiar and approachable. You don’t seem intimidating or non-threatening. You have a playful attitude. a warm, comforting tone of voice You have food and tend to share it. You are dealing with hormonal changes such as pregnancy or menstruation You are suffering and may need some comfort. You are a calm, confident and composed person who does not panic easily in unfamiliar situations You may be indifferent to animals that can reach their highest interest

Well, now you know the answer to your question, “why are animals attracted to me?” But apart from these practical and psychological reasons, there may also be some spiritual aspects at play here.

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Can your “psychic” energy attract animals?

Have you ever wondered “why are animals attracted to psychics?”

Well, animals know how to notice and read the energy you have.

This is especially true for domestic animals such as dogs, cats, etc.

Gauging people’s energy acts as a survival skill that helps them understand if they can trust you and rely on you for food, shelter, and care.

So if animals are attracted to you all the time, it means that your energy radiates positivity, which makes animals feel safe around you.

According to psychic experts, pets and domestic animals are constantly observing our energy and behavior and learn what they can expect from us through our lifestyle and living patterns.

Animals use this learned knowledge to read people they don’t know and read your energy to tell if they can trust you or not.

This may help you answer “why are animals attracted to highly spiritual beings?”

If your energy is similar to another human being they know, they will identify you as someone who is loving and caring.

This is why animals are attracted to positive energy all the time.

So if you keep attracting strays, then you probably have a pet of your own or are generally friendly with other strays.

Your energy can tell animals that you are the one who can help them with what they need, whether it’s food, shelter, care, or just a quick pet on the head.

Once you realize this and understand how emotionally and spiritually intelligent animals are, you will be able to read their minds better, respect them more, and give them the help they need.

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When your energy level is high but peaceful, animals will sense that you are playful yet protective.

There is no doubt that having animals attracted to you is an honor.

I hope this helped you figure out the answer to “why are animals attracted to me?”

Being chosen by animals is a blessing

If animals are attracted to you, then you realize that it is a divine gift that you should cherish all your life.

This is a unique experience that only the blessed can understand, as animals give unconditional love to those who give it back with equal intensity.

Our furry friends can not only understand our vibes, but they can make our vibes more positive, make us feel more energetic, and increase our level of empathy.

Always remember, be kind to all animals and always treat them with respect, whether you attract them or not.

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