Gorilla Vs. Monkeys All Differences Explained

monkey vs gorilla

Gorilla Vs. Monkeys All Differences Explained

You can quickly tell the difference between monkeys and gorillas. As when talked about an earlier time, there was no comparison done between Gorillas and monkeys. Though monkeys and Gorillas are different animals, still both these terms were used interchangeably. In some cases, monkeys and gorillas look similar, live side by side, but there are some differences between both. So, how can you tell which are gorillas which are monkeys? 

How To Distinguish Between Gorillas And Monkeys?

Monkeys and Gorillas are known as Primates, and it means they are a part of the Homo Sapien (human) family.

Gorillas Do Not Have Tails, But Monkeys Have.

Most of the species in monkeys have tails. For example, African Baboons, Balinese long-tailed monkeys, and rhesus macaques have Tails. Thus, few monkeys do not have Tails, such as Barbary macaque, usually found in the Algeria and Morocco Cedar forests. However, it is an easy way to differentiate gorillas from monkeys with the presence of their tails. There are only a couple of exceptions; the rest of all 260 monkey species have Tails, but no gorillas appear to have Tails.


Monkeys Live on Trees, Whereas Gorillas Are Found on Both Ground And Trees.

You might have noticed that monkeys never live on the ground for a long time. They prefer tress as their shelter as it offers them food along with protection from predators. They can move from one tree to another freely, but they cannot when they are on the ground. It is the main reason behind choosing trees as their habitat. Thus, it is also observed in monkeys of some species who make few areas their habitat, which is not too dense in vegetation. For instance, the Japanese macaques are adaptable in different habitats of Japan, from rocky hills to subtropical forests and hot springs.

In contrast, Gorillas can be seen as comfortable on both trees and the ground. They are not very particular to any specific place. Although Gorillas live mainly on the land, they spend almost 5 to 20% of their day on trees. Also, gorillas like to climb trees for playing or harvesting fruit.

Body Shape And Size

Monkeys separated from the human evolutionary line long before Gorillas, which means that Gorillas have their body structure and skeleton closely similar to humans more than monkeys do. For example, gorillas are heavier and more significant than monkeys having broad chests with their shoulder joints, allowing them to swing on trees. 

squirrel monkey

While monkeys are similar to other mammals in their body structure, having small sizes with narrow chests, their skeleton system is very close to a mid-sized mammal such as a dog or cat. 

Gorillas Swing While Monkeys Run/Jump.

Gorillas having long arms can swing around trees and walk on their two hind legs, whereas monkeys have skeleton-like other mammals such as cats and dogs, so they run on all four limbs or crawl and walk across the tree branches. However, gorillas do have the upright position of the body compared to monkeys, and so they can swing on trees from one tree branch to another, where their movement is called brachiating. Monkeys also are sometimes seen brachiating, but they usually run, walk or jump on tree branches.

Monkeys Have Less Cognitive Abilities Than Gorillas.

Monkeys can interact with each other, but their signs are simple compared to Gorillas. Monkeys walk on their hind legs as they make their arms free to communicate with the world. Gorillas even can learn human-made languages apart from their language using body language and unique voice signals. 

Gorillas can think and solve the issues in their surroundings, while monkeys do not. Scientists believe these species utilize sign language, body movement, and even technology to interact with human beings efficiently.

Gorillas Have Higher Relative Intelligence Than Monkeys

It is not very easy to say by just looking at any primate, but Gorillas have a larger brain-to-body ratio when compared to monkeys, making them more intelligent. Also, Gorillas are known as the most intelligent animals around. There are only a few Gorilla species, whereas hundreds of species are present in monkeys.


The last difference between monkeys and Gorillas is that if you are in America, where if you see a primate in the forest, they are not Gorillas because Gorillas are found only in Asia and Africa. In contrast, monkeys are seen in Asia, Africa, Europe, Central, and South America. There are no monkeys or Gorillas, or any Primates in Australia.

These are some of the differences between Gorillas and Monkeys. But there are still some unique and interesting questions about both.

Questions And Answers On Gorillas And Monkeys

There are some exciting things you must know about Gorillas and monkeys. Below are some interesting questions where everybody might be willing to see the answers – 

What is so special about Gorillas?

Western Gorillas are known as powerful and prominent primates, exceptionally having no jet black skin and tails. In addition, they are observed as having wide strong teeth and large jaw muscles. Facial features comprise small ears, eyes, short muzzles, large nostrils, and a central brow ridge.

Are Gorillas smart?

Gorillas are known as brilliant animals, knowing a subset of sign language like Koko. Just like other great apes, Gorillas can grieve, laugh, make and use tools, think about the past or future, grow powerful bonds in the family, and have a rich emotional life.

What fear do Gorillas have?

Mountain Gorillas, just like other humans and primates, are afraid of water or few insects such as caterpillars or reptiles such as chameleons. Gorillas and other apes (humans also) find it hard to swim naturally, making them scared to desist from water masses such as rivers or lakes.

What cool things do monkeys do?

Monkeys can count and understand written numbers, isn’t it amazing! They also understand some basic arithmetic and, in rare cases – multiplication also. 

What do male monkeys do to attract female monkeys?

Monkeys usually urinate in their hands which they clean and rub thoroughly into their fur for attracting female partners. They pair up for life as they make their family.

How clever is a monkey?

Monkeys are clever, having intelligence similar to three-year-old children when it comes to solving puzzles. 

Can monkeys think like humans?

Humans were thought to have a metacognition monopoly which is the ability to contemplate their state mentally. However, a study shows that rhesus monkeys provide actual proof that metacognition is not the province of Apesm humans or trained animals only.

Do Gorilla Eat Humans?

Most Gorillas inflict violence on other Gorillas. They survive in groups in which one male control other females and youngsters. But there are cases where Gorillas attack or even killed humans, but those incidents are rarely seen.

Which kind of animal can kill Gorilla?

Leopards can kill an adult Gorilla as giant and intelligent felines feed on meat from many animals; they can find unsuspecting Gorillas susceptible to being their food. Thus, Leopard is the only feline in their range that can kill Gorillas.

Can monkeys fall the love?

They fall in love with each other as we humans do. They even feel complex emotions like jealousy and loyalty, and they also share all the feelings and characteristics like humans.

Do monkeys love music?

Monkeys do not care for human music much, but they will groove their beats. 

Do monkeys swim?

Monkeys like Proboscis monkeys can swim as they have a special train which is not seen in other species of monkeys. Using their partially webbed toes and fingers, they can escape predators and even cross rivers to find their food.

Are monkeys harmful or dangerous?

These big-eyed and funny baby animals seem harmless, but once they reach their sexual maturity, experts warn everyone because monkeys can be aggressive. Some primates can cause deadly diseases such as herpes B, which can be passed on to humans via scratches or bites.

Can an anaconda kill Gorilla?

Anaconda is solid and large enough to kill a Gorilla, but if Gorilla gets its hand around Anaconda, it can rip the snake. Anacondas can also play intelligent and wrap-around chest and neck, ignoring arms.

Are monkeys afraid of humans?

Though having a smaller body size than humans, monkeys stay far from them. They are fearless and get aggressive if teased, taunted, or threatened.

Are monkeys good pets?

Monkeys are not suitable pets. Some seem to be sweet for a time, but in reality, monkeys cause too much harm and require care and alertness in human households.

How hardly can Gorilla punch?

It is believed that the Gorilla punch is powerful enough to shatter skull where the force is between 1300 to 2700 pounds. Gorillas have an average weight of 400 lbs with a muscle density almost four times higher than the powerful human you know.

So these were some of the interesting questions to discuss with answers where we got to know that monkeys know some basics of arithmetics and Gorillas know the signs of language as humans as Gorillas are known as the most intelligent animal. So read more things about both Gorilla and monkeys and share with us if you find something interesting.