List Of 8 Animals with One Eye(With Pictures)

Many animals see with two eyes, including humans. Some animals, like spiders, see with more than two eyes to
catch their prey. Having two eyes has its benefits, such as having depth perception. This helps so that many
animals, including humans, can hunt more easily and be looking for danger. This makes people wonder if some animals can have one eye. This is possible, be it different species of animals or animals
that are genetically born with one eye, while their parents would have two eyes. These animals are usually called
cyclopses. Here are some animals that only have one eye.

1. One-eyed kitten

Usually, cats are born with both eyes intact. Sometimes cats might need to have their eye removed for a variety of
reasons, be it a disease or a genetic condition causing blindness. But rarely does it happen that a cat is only born
with one eye and no other eye or eye socket intact.

This kitten as you’ll notice was born with one eye. Everything else about the kitten seems normal, with the
size and shape of the body being the same as a regular kitten. Then you get to the head and the head is shaped
differently, accompanied by not two, but one eye. This is an interesting case because the eye seems bigger
than a normal-sized eye for a kitten. When taken out of the socket, it almost looks as big as a regular human eye. It
also seems that the head’s shape had changed during gestation to accompany the eye since the second one
never formed when it was still inside the mother cat.

2. One-eyed Shark

Sharks are another species known to have two eyes. This is so they can hunt easily and have depth-perception. This
makes them a very good predator when hunting. But this shark specifically was born with only one eye.

While the shark species is unknown, it seems to be a tinier species of shark out there. The shark itself seems
to have a few other problems besides the fact it only has one eye. The shape of the head seems to be off compared to
other sharks, and the mouth seems to lack teeth, or at the very least, they are not visible. The skin of the shark
seems to be very unhealthy looking. This shark is also albino, making it a very rare specimen for it to be both
one-eyed and albino. This must be a rare genetic condition amongst sharks that causes them to be one-eyed and
not have teeth that are at least visible.

3. One-eyed Pig


Pigs are furless creatures, having stubble of fur on their skin. Pigs are very much usually born with two
eyes as well (obviously), but this pig is very different but interesting.

This pig looks like a normal pig, being baby-sized, but with a genetic condition that causes it to be born with one
eye. The pig also looks like it has two tongues sticking out, which is another reason for making this case
bizarre but very interesting. The pig itself, including its head, looks the same and nothing out of the ordinary for
a pig. In fact, the pig looks very healthy outside of having only one eye. There must be some type of
condition that would cause the pig to be both one-eyed and two-tongued.

With the pig being one-eyed, it does make it look like a cyclops.

4. One-eyed Puppy


Puppies are naturally born blind like kittens. Even though they are born blind, they are very much aware of their
surroundings, while both eyes are intact. Puppies are rarely born with only one eye and not
the other at all.

This puppy, however, was born with only one eye and didn’t have an eye socket. The other interesting bit is with the
pig mentioned previously; this puppy also has two tongues. Though like with the kitten, this puppy’s head seems to
be shaped differently, only to accompany one eye. The puppy is also naked like the pig, but that is because puppies
are born without much fur on them. It does seem like it will eventually grow fur, thankfully. Along with that,
besides the head, eye, and tongues, the puppy seems to be normal looking in shape and size and seems to be
happy and healthy! Like the pig, this makes it look like a true cyclops.

5. One-eyed Goat



Goats are very interesting creatures. They are known to be farm animals but rarely at best, kept as indoor pets. This
is because they are very destructive. Goats, like the other animals mentioned here, are, of course, born
with both eyes, rarely are goats born with only one eye.

But this goat, on the other hand, was born with only one eye. The eye of this goat is pretty big, and it
makes people wonder if both eyes somehow combined into one eye when it was still being formed inside its mother.
Accompanying the eye is one giant eyelid as well. Which makes this case very interesting, because the other animals
mentioned here don’t even have an eyelid. But this one makes it interesting how nature can adapt and
change to stuff like this. The goat itself seems very healthy and doesn’t seem to have health issues, besides
the fact it may be lacking in depth perception.

6. One-eyed Calf


A calf is a common animal seen are farms. They are baby cows and depend on their mothers until they
age. This can be true for most mammals besides cows like cats and dogs.

This calf, however, was born with one eye. Like with some of the others mentioned here, its head also seems to be
a bit deformed to accompany the fact it only has one eye, but like with the goat, the calf also has a pretty big eye
and only one eyelid. Thankfully, everything else about the calf seems pretty healthy and doesn’t seem to have
much of an issue besides the lack of an eye.

7. One-eyed Snake

Snakes are natural-born predators. They are carnivorous by nature and depend very much on hunting to eat.
And they’ll eat anything whole if it can fit inside their mouth. Because of this, snakes need depth perception to
enable them to see and look around, though, they mostly see by detecting heat off of their tongues, they do also
rely on eyesight to detect movement.

Meet the one-eyed snake. This is a baby python. which is a species of snake known to strangle and constrict their
prey when they catch it. This baby snake only has one eye, but it looks like a regular python you
would see out in the wild, or if you know someone that owns these types of snakes. Luckily this baby python seems to
be healthy, with the only thing that could afflict it is the lack of an eye.

8. One-eyed Lamb×424.jpg

Lambs are usually considered to be farm animals. They are usually brought up to be eaten on some farms. Lambs are
, without saying, two-eyed creatures typically rely on seeing their surroundings to look out for danger.

This baby lamb, however, was born with only one eye. It is also a black lamb, which adds to the factor of beingfreaky besides

being one-eyed. This animal seems to be not that healthy either. Its head also seems to be a bit
deformed when you look at regular lambs with two eyes, and its body seems
tiny in comparison. This animal is
a rarity among the species, but it also should be noted that this lamb won’t make it and will
probably die because of its condition. It is too abnormally deformed for it to sustain itself and be healthy. This
is horrible because the lamb is just a baby, but that is mother nature for you. But, it is an interesting creature
nonetheless and is
something worth noting here.

Here we discussed some creatures that have a one-eye deformity. As seen here, the one eye deformity can
happen to any creature, from snakes to cats and dogs. Humans can also get the one-eye deformity as well, which can
cause huge issues in life for them besides the fact they would lack depth perception. This stuff is usually caused
by some rare genetic condition that would affect the animal’s genes. We hope you learned something
useful with exploring this list as well, and we hope you found at least one of thee animals interesting.